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dog photograpy

Lara Maskell is one of the UK's leading animal handlers and dog photographers. She's known for her stunning portraits—bringing out each dog's unique personality.

In this fun-filled online dog photography course Lara shares her easy-to-follow steps to get a great shot of any dog. The course is—believe it or not—absolutely free. Simply click the button below and you'll be up and running...


Lara Maskell lives and breathes animals. As one of the UK’s leading animal handlers she trains and works with non-human actors in productions ranging from feature films to big-budget commercials.


She's also a photographer—one of the UK’s best-regarded dog portraitists. To this work she brings her skills at getting the best out of dogs on set, enabling her to capture dramatic and emotional shots…really capturing the unique personality of each and every dog.

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LEARN dog photography WITH LARA

You can learn with Lara on this site with her innovative online learning course. In the course Lara shares her tips and secrets. Whether you want to snap your own dog, or you’re looking to get started as a professional portrait photographer, this course is for you!

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Watch our trailer video and get a taster of what on offer in Lara's entertaining and informative dog photography course!

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dog photography masterclass

Use the button below to launch Lara's online dog photography course with no commitment. The course is absolutely FREE! 

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